Friday, November 25, 2011

Six-Stranded Braid

6strand8The six-stranded braid, in my opinion, should not be limited to just special occasions. It's so tall, so lovely, and not that hard. If you can do the four-stranded braid, you can do the six, because it's basically the same pattern.  While I normally make the five-strand, this sixer turned out so lovely, I want to make them a little more often!

This braid will work best with a basic white flour dough that has nice elasticity but isn't too sticky.  Since it's a taller loaf, you might need to foil in the oven to make sure the middle gets cooked and the outside not too dark.

Step One - Start with your six strands all rolled out nicely.

Step Two - Bring the second-to-the-right strand (B) over to the far left.

Step Three - Bring the far right strand (A) to the middle (between E and D).

Step Four - Bring the second-to-the-left strand (F) to the far right.

Step Five - Bring the far left strand to the middle.  (Somehow, I missed this step in photos).  I'll re-take and update for you!

Step Six - Repeat. Really, it's just two steps from the right. Two steps from the left in mirror. Liberally tuck in the ends. I like a tall short loaf, so I kind of push the whole thing together lengthwise so it's a bit fat.

Now, that wasn't so bad was it? And aren't you proud? It's such a beautiful braid. Shabbat Shalom from our bayit to yours!


  1. My braid looks nothing like yours! but still beautiful

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  3. I can't wait to try this recipe - and try my hand at braiding 6-strands, which I've never done before. Can't wait for Shabbat to try it!